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Welcome in the site of the Milan AC, here you can find all the last news about the team, and some usefull informations about italian fans club.
You will find also an image gallery that will be update day by day, if you want to help us to do this, send us some documents or images sending an email to: info@milanac.it
This site is always on  update, we will add some new sections soon, so... visit us every time you can.

We hope that aur work will be good for you ....... Go Milan go

Data: 28/11/2004   Fonte: Data Sport

Carlo Ancelotti is satisfied for the victory gotten in Verona against the Chievo, at the end of a...(continua)


Data: 28/11/2004   Fonte: Data Sport

Hernan Crespo has marked the gol victory on the Chievo that has allowed the rossoneris to get thr...(continua)

Chievo - Milan : 0 - 1

Data: 28/11/2004   Fonte: Data Sport

In the 13.a day of Series Á. Hernan Crimps it gives an important victory to the Milan: the Argent...(continua)

Chievo - Milan

Data: 28/11/2004   Fonte: Data Sport

Insidious Trasferta for the Milan to Verona against the Chievo in the 13.a day of Series A. I ros...(continua)



Home  |  The Club  |  News archive  |  Forum  |  Milan gallery  |  Contacts

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